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Training Packages

We offer two levels of training certifications alongside a la carte training based on your specific needs.

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This level is for licensed MD, NP, DO, PA, RN

This level is for current Registered Nurses or those finishing a registered nurse program, This is suited for someone who wants to enter this field and develop core skills and knowledge.

What you get:

1 day of Shadowing

2 days of Shadowing

*The days do not have to be consecutive.

Level 2

Level two is for current Registered Nurses who want to become certified to perform cosmetic injections. You are interested in expanding your job opportunities and are considering moving into a new field of nursing.

What you get:

1 day of lecture and practical hands-on training

Access to a training book

Become certified

Accredited Hands-On Training

Grow Your Career

With our newly launched initiative, the Vienna Rejuvenation Aesthetic Academy is here to help you start a new career, transition your existing nursing career, or for current injectors, we will keep you current and teach you the newest techniques and services. Our goal is to equip you with the support, guidance, confidence, and skill to take you to the next level in your career. Come and get certified by our team of dedicated Aesthetic nurses. We teach the fundamentals of injecting dermal fillers and neurotoxins along with other advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Nurse Yalda has worked with several nurses to help guide, educate, and refine their skill-set and truly believes in sharing knowledge and mentoring those seeking to enter this competitive and demanding industry.

Meet Your Instructor

Vienna Aesthetics academy staff, nurse yalda soroush

Nurse Yalda Soroush

Yalda Soroush is a nurse practitioner who is the president and founder of Rejuvenation Clinic, Rejuvenation Aesthetic Academy, and Cadaver Art Aesthetics. She is also recognized as one of the “Top 100 Best Aesthetic Injectors in America” as determined by peer nominations and patient votes. Her extensive training includes over 12 years of aesthetic injecting, emergency medicine, and cardiovascular medicine. Her extensive travels have garnered much injectable experience from various international key opinion leaders. She is also a proud member of the American Nurses Credentialing Center(ANCC), Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist from the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board (CANS), International Society of Plastic Surgery Nurses (ISPSN), and the Society of Advanced Practice Nursing (ISAPN).

Students & Attendees

Comprehensive, educational, and clinical hands-on training is what you will experience at Rejuvenation Aesthetic Academy in Vienna. Gain real-life experience by performing live model consultations, creating treatment plans, and performing aesthetic procedures under our experienced instructors’ guidance. Our Botox®, Dermal Filler Training and Advanced Injection Training course are kept to a maximum of six attendees for a personalized training experience. The Botox, dermal filler, and Kybella® training courses are exclusive to medical professionals, including Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses and Dentist.

Course Overview

Personalized Attention

By keeping our classes small, our instructor is able to spend individualized time with each attendee. The instructor is available to answer attendees’ questions and share years of experience with botulinum toxin and dermal filler products and procedures. Attendees will learn wisdom from our instructor’s expertise and experience including off-label usage for products and ensuring client satisfaction.

The Botox and dermal filler training course begins with thorough lectures on topics such as:

  • Facial anatomy
  • The history and pharmacology of Botox Cosmetic, Dysport®, Xeomin®, and dermal fillers
  • Reconstitution techniques for Botox Cosmetic, Dysport and Xeomin
  • Understanding client selection and preparation
  • Learning the indications, contraindications, and treatment techniques for each area and/or product
  • Examining possible side-effects and after-treatment protocols

During this time, you will discuss and learn the fundamentals of performing injections with Botulinum Toxin for the glabellar region (frown lines, nasal wrinkles), frontalis (horizontal forehead lines), bunny lines, crows feet area, and brow lift procedures. You will learn the fundamentals of performing injections with dermal fillers for lip enhancement, lip augmentation, marionette lines (corner of the mouth), nasolabial folds (smile lines and/or laugh lines), and midface volumization (cheek enhancement).

Hands-On Training

After the educational sessions, you will gain extensive knowledge and real-life experience with hands-on clinical training. You will perform client consultations, develop treatment plans and perform injections, all under instructor supervision. This includes meeting with the model, going over their history and consent forms, and conducting a skin analysis while understanding the model’s areas of concern and their goals.

Following this, our instructor helps you determine the appropriate type and amount of product to be used. Under our supervision, you will perform the treatment on the model. At the Rejuvenation Aesthetic Academy Vienna and Tysons Corner students are provided with models and products during the hands-on training sessions. The products available during hands-on training are Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm products, and Restylane® products. The exact product used is dependent on the needs and goals of the model. Some models may request a specific type of botulinum toxin or filler, where others may ask for recommendations. During this time, you will discuss the strengths of each product to determine the best treatment option. This is a superb real-life experience and prepares you for everyday situations that you would typically encounter.

*Models, product and lunch are provided in small group trainings.

Each injector must have a copy of their license to attend.

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