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Pro-Nox™ in Vienna, VA

What Is Pro-Nox?

We want all our patients to feel comfortable and confident during their procedures.

The Pro-Nox Aesthetic System uses a 50/50 combination of inhaled oxygen and nitrous oxide to provide fast-acting pain relief. Nitrous, commonly known as laughing gas, is one of the oldest sedatives in medicine. While it is not a replacement for anesthesia, it does complement and enhance the effects of local anesthetics, like lidocaine. Normally, a patient is given Vicodin (pain relief) and/or Valium (muscle relaxant). Since these drugs take hours to leave the body, a driver is needed to drive the patient home. For patients in Tysons Corner and Vienna Pro-Nox may be the right choice.

Benefits of Pro-Nox 50% O2 and 50% N2O Analgesia:

  • Patient-administered - empowers the patient to respond to their pain & anxiety when they need it
  • Can be used for the duration of any procedure where the patient has pain and anxiety
  • Safe and effective - used for decades
  • Quick onset - takes effect in second
  • Short duration of effect - clears from body within minutes
  • Additional pain tool in your toolkit
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