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PRP Injections in Vienna, VA

Address Aging Naturally

PRP Injections in Vienna & Tysons Corner

Researched by Nobel Prize-winning scientists, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections are made from your own blood and applied to targeted areas of your face and body that require rejuvenation and reversal of signs of aging. Rejuvenation Clinic offers PRP injections in Vienna, Virginia, for men and women of all skin types because we want you to look and feel as young as you really are! Read below and book your consultation to learn more about how these injections work and why you should visit our clinic for this natural rejuvenation treatment today!

What are PRP Injections?

An advanced treatment for natural results

Using a patient’s own blood as treatment is nothing new. This technique, known as autologous conditioned plasma (ACP), is a type of injection that uses platelet-rich plasma to improve tissue regeneration. For example, ACP can be used to rejuvenate skin, restore youthful fullness, and enhance hair growth. The process involves drawing blood from a patient and separating out its platelets. The platelets are then activated with an activator solution before being injected back into the patient’s skin or hair follicles.

What are the benefits of PRP Injections?

Refresh. Renew. Restore.

For patients in Tysons Corner PRP injections offer a wide range of cosmetic benefits to help you address signs of aging. For example, PRP reduces fine lines and wrinkles, hollowness, sagging, skin texture issues, scarring, and thinning hair. Also known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), autologous serum, or cellular therapy injections, among other names— platelet-rich plasma is your body's natural regeneration power. PRP is a regenerative therapy that uses your body's natural processes to deliver safe and effective results. Because PRP uses your own tissue and body fluids to achieve healing, it poses no threat of adverse or allergic reaction.

Vienna prp injection model with blonde hair

PRP Hair Restoration

Fuller, younger-looking hair

PRP is a treatment which uses your own platelet-rich plasma. The plasma contains stem cells and growth rich platelets and, when injected back into the scalp, it accelerates the body's natural production of collagen and stimulates hair follicles. Results include new hair growth, stronger, and thicker hair. Treatment plans typically are a few visits over three months and follow-up sessions to maintain growth twice a year. The plasma is collected from a simple blood draw in office.

PRP May Also Be Used For:

The “everyone” personalized treatment

  • Treatment of scars
  • Minimizing pores
  • Fine wrinkles
  • Volume loss
  • Skin rejuvenation
Vienna prp injection model with brown hair
Vienna prp injection model with brown hair

Am I a Candidate for PRP Injections?

Three simple steps to a look you’ll love

At Rejuvenation Clinic, we perform PRP injections for patients interested in rejuvenating their appearance. Whether you want to address fine lines and wrinkles or inject some volume into your thinning hair, PRP can help turn back time and restore your appearance to a more youthful state. At our office in Vienna PRP injections are safe and effective for virtually every patient, regardless of age or skin type.

Your PRP Injection Procedure

No downtime. Just results.

PRP injections take only a few minutes to perform and is easily tolerated by most patients. Your provider will place a small sample of your blood in a centrifuge to isolate your platelet-rich plasma. This PRP contains cell growth factors that stimulate new cell production and rejuvenation. Once they have isolated your PRP Vienna and Tysons Corner patients will then have it injected into targeted areas. Several injections are typically needed to achieve the desired results. You may receive an ice pack or topical numbing before your injections to ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your procedure.

Vienna prp injection model before and after

PRP Injection Recovery

Realize a younger-looking you

Since your body’s own stem cells and growth factors are used, there is little to no downtime, though you may have minimal swelling and tenderness around injection sites. Most of our Vienna PRP patients see improvement within two weeks and continue to see improvement for up to 12 months following treatment.

Vienna prp injection model smiling

PRP Injection Results

Experience real rejuvenation.

Achieve lasting, natural rejuvenation with PRP. Address signs of aging by removing old, dead skin cells and stimulating collagen production using your body’s natural regeneration power. Our experienced medical staff will inject PRP into your face, hands, neck, or scalp to begin restoring your youthful appearance. Schedule a consultation today to find out how we can help you look and feel young again.

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Reversing aging isn’t a one-step fix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t restore your body to its youthful appearance.

At Rejuvenation Clinic, we offer natural cosmetic treatments, including skin rejuvenation and hair restoration injections with PRP in Tysons Corner and Vienna. These potent injections will provide skin repair and smoothing, hair loss reduction, wrinkle reduction, and connective tissue strengthening. Don’t miss out on reversing signs of aging.

PRP InjectionFrequently Asked Questions

Depending on your body and the nature of your concerns, you can expect your PRP injection results to last six to nine months or longer.

Side effects associated with PRP injections are minimal and may include bruising, redness, or swelling around injection sites. Infection is possible but rare.

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