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Facials & Hydrafacials in Vienna, VA

Facials & Hydrafacials in Vienna & Tysons Corner | Rejuvenation Clinic

Facials & Hydrafacials at Rejuvenation Clinic in Vienna, Virginia, Rejuvenate and Restore Your Skin.

Our facials are more than just a pleasurable experience. They are part of a personalized plan to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Our Vienna facials and hydrafacials, unlike our chemical peels, deep cleanse, extract if needed, and moisturize damaged skin. They're perfect for soothing, hydrating, refreshing, and calming damaged skin all year long in our soothing surroundings. So let our expert Nurse Yalda pamper you or your teen with one of our signature facial treatments! Schedule your exclusive treatment at Rejuvenation Clinic for beautiful rejuvenated skin today.

Rejuvenation Experience

My Time for a Pampering Treat

Each treatment begins with a complimentary skin analysis to determine your skin's needs and address any concerns you may have. Each facial or hydrafacial is customized to your skin's specific needs based on your problem areas. Rejuvenation Clinic is the only clinic within 200 miles of the DMV area that uses the Clarius L20 high-frequency scanner for vascular mapping, filler evaluation, and adverse event management. My Rejuvenation Clinic uses advanced ultrasound technology to improve patient outcomes and safety by imaging the skin, muscles, vessels, and fascia in high definition. You'll be escorted into our exclusive, on-site spa-like suite, where you'll find a relaxing facial table. The facial will begin with a deep cleanse of your skin, followed by exfoliation, extractions (blackhead extractions), facial massage, mask, and a custom-blended moisturizer. You will feel invigorated and have glowing, healthy-looking skin after your Vienna Facial treatment, which lasts around an hour.

Rejuvenation Facial Benefits

Invigorate and Detoxify Your Skin in Tysons Corner

You can unwind with our signature facials and Hydrafacials in Tysons Corner. They feel amazing and help with detoxification. The benefits of having a facial or hydrafacial include improved circulation, elimination of blemishes and breakouts, and removal of dead surface cells and blackheads, among other advantages to your skin. By manipulating the lymphatic system immediately beneath your skin, our unique facial services also help eliminate waste that can cause puffiness, ruddiness, and fluid collection.

Vienna facials & hydrafacials model with black hair

Types of facials and hydrafacials

My Facials | Personalized for Me

Anti-aging and medically oriented hydrafacials and Facials are available at Rejuvenation Clinic, where we strive to improve skin tone, texture, and appearance. Facial menus can be daunting. No one seems to know how they're supposed to help or the difference between each facial. For our facials and Hydrafacials Vienna patients get completely personalized to meet your specific needs and is designed to moisturize your skin, remove debris from the surface, and promote a healthy glow. In addition, Nurse Yalda may suggest a few additions for age-defying results.

Derm Oxygen Facial

50 minutes

The chosen Favorite for Sensitive, Dehydrated, or Inflamed Acne. This facial treatment uses the power of a Pure Oxygen Hyperbaric Dome to promote an environment that kills bacteria, heals, and delivers ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.

Rejuvenation Signature Facial

50 minutes

Our signature Facial is next level pampering. This facial is a personally customized treatment incorporating a purifying cleanse, oxygenating steam, exfoliation, extractions, hydro serum infusion, masque, face hydration, SPF, arm/hand and décolleté/neck massage, and sonic infusion eye treatment.

Diamond Glow HydraFacial

50 minutes

An all-encompassing Advanced Facial Treatment that rejuvenates the skin. The Diamond Glow technology exfoliates, extracts, and infuses Medical Grade Serums to target skincare concerns such as skin dullness, discoloration, clogged pores and anti-aging.

Additional Reading

Unlike traditional wet Facial treatments which rely on chemical exfoliation to treat skin at surface level, Diamond Glow’s patented recessed diamond tip wand delivers a next-level resurfacing treatment that deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin- It’s a 3-in-1. You’re getting exfoliation and extraction, while also infusing skin with Skin Medica serums. Actual crushed diamonds are on the tip of the device that is used on your skin, hence the name.

Different tip variations are chosen to customize the treatment to your skin which is used in conjunction with the wand that sucks out the dead skin. The wand also infuses the skin with Skin Medica Pro-Infusion Serums—the ‘three” in the 3-in-1. There are five serums available that are personalized to your specific skincare concerns: Skin Brightening, Ultra Hydrating, Vitamin C, Pore Clarifying, and Skin Medica’s signature TNS Advanced+.

Facial Add Ons


A Mechanical exfoliation that removes Vellus Facial Hair and Gently Exfoliates the top layer of skin. This treatment can be added to any Facial.

Celluma Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy

  • Acne Treatment
  • Anti-Aging
  • Pain Management
  • Wound Healing

**All facials include LED light therapy to decrease inflammation, promote collagen, and kickstart the healing process.

What is the difference between Facials and Hydrafacials?

My Skin Care

Although they have a lot in common, HydraFacials and traditional Facials are not the same! Both treatments are tailored to your specific skin type, but they are approached in different ways. During the course of a typical facial, you are bound to have a few uncomfortable moments. The stage where the provider digs a little deeper to clean your pores, called extractions, is usually the least enjoyable. Traditional Facials are effective for long-term treatment, although they can result in redness or skin eruptions the next day. Hydrafacials, on the other hand, can feel like a mild facial massage. This therapy differs from traditional facials in that it does not involve traditional extraction—instead, using vacuum extractions can aid with acne issues and enhance the overall tone of your skin! You can even go out right after your treatment because this therapy does not cause irritation or redness!

Vienna facials & hydrafacials model with black hair

My Results

Rejuvenation Recommendations | Personalized Results

Your skin is always on display, and how you feel about yourself is strongly influenced by how you look and feel in it. Nurse Yalda recommends that every four to six weeks is an excellent time to get your Facial or Hydrafacial in Tysons Corner. Approximately every 28 days, your skin's outermost layer will entirely regenerate. Unfortunately, your body's ability to regenerate cells diminishes as you age. As a result, the aging process is slowed. Unfortunately, many people wait until they have a skin problem, such as unusual breakout, dry, itchy skin, dark patches, or an upcoming special event before getting a facial. While this is understandable, these aggravating issues can frequently be avoided with regular facials and customized personalization using signature services at Rejuvenation Clinic.

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My Personalized Experiences

Experience the calming and rejuvenating effects of a proper facial. Our aesthetic experts will work with your skin type and address your skin-related concerns. Learn more about what our Vienna Facials can do for you. For more details and to find out if you are a candidate for one of our facials, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Facial & HydrafacialFrequently Asked Questions

A terrific Facial is beneficial to everyone. According to a study published in the Journal of Biomedical Research, face massage (an essential component of every facial) can refresh the patient by lowering psychological distress and activating the sympathetic nervous system.

Breakouts can occur after a professional facial has opened and cleansed the pores, enabling any trapped debris like old makeup or bacteria to surface. In the end, a Facial will improve the appearance of your skin. Acne outbreaks can be reduced with further treatments or skincare products.

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