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Non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Vienna, VA

Introducing Liquid Rhinoplasty: The New, Non-Surgical Way to Reshape Your Nose

The No Surgery Nose Job

How often have you told yourself that you’re not happy with your nose? Well, we’ve got something that will make it possible to get rid of those feelings forever! Liquid Rhinoplasty, or lunchtime rhinoplasty—as it’s called on the streets—is the new non-surgical, non-invasive nose job rapidly gaining popularity and causing quite the stir in the Tysons Corner community. A person’s nose is the most prominent feature of their face. The bump on the bridge of the nose, or the fact that it is asymmetrical with the rest of one’s face, can be embarrassing for some people. Non-surgical procedures that don’t necessitate lengthy recovery periods would be ideal. There is now the option for those who prefer a non-surgical alternative - Liquid Rhinoplasty in Vienna. A “liquid nose job,” also known as non-surgical Rhinoplasty or Liquid Rhinoplasty — a 30-minute procedure that involves injecting dermal fillers into the nose to reshape and contour it.

What is Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Achieve your perfect nose without surgery

A hyaluronic dermal filler is injected under the skin of your nose to add volume to those precise places that need smoothing out to remodel your nose by an experienced aesthetic specialist. The dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid, a gel-like material that occurs naturally in your body. You may have used hyaluronic products in the past to keep your skin hydrated, such as lotions, supplements, and moisturizers, but when this gel-like substance is injected into your skin, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How do I know if Liquid Rhinoplasty is right for me?

You won't regret this.

Liquid Rhinoplasty is an in-office treatment that offers the convenience of safe, effective, and dramatic results in less than 30 minutes. If you’ve considered getting a nose job but don’t want the downtime of surgery, with non-surgical Rhinoplasty, you’d even have time to get a bite to eat on your way back to the office. For Liquid Rhinoplasty Vienna and Tysons Corner patients can enjoy some of these benefits:

  • There's no downtime.
  • Immediate outcomes
  • Make your nose look better.
  • Traditional surgical rhinoplasty is more expensive.
  • It is not permanent and can be reversed if you are unhappy with the outcome.

It's critical to have realistic expectations about what Liquid Rhinoplasty can and cannot accomplish. Rejuvenation Clinic's skilled team will create a detailed treatment plan to help you achieve your desired results.

Vienna liquid rhinoplasty model with tan hat

What non-surgical Rhinoplasty can not do

Dramatically reshape and contour your nose.

Rhinoplasty changes the shape of your nose and is a permanent procedure; however, with our non-surgical option, you may smooth out bumps and ridges, add volume to depressed areas, and create a more symmetrical appearance using Liquid Rhinoplasty. Here are some things Liquid Rhinoplasty can't do:

  • It can't help with respiratory problems.
  • It will not reduce the size of your nose.
  • It won't help if your nose is broken or extremely crooked.
  • It is not permanent, and you will require more procedures to preserve your appearance.

Make sure you follow all pre-and post-treatment recommendations to get the best result. Keep in mind that the hyaluronic filler will metabolize in your body over time, and you may require further treatments to maintain your desired results.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Procedure

A perfect nose without a lengthy recovery period

Nurse Yalda will clean your skin and, if necessary, administer numbing cream during your in-office treatment. If your filler already contains lidocaine, you won't need an anesthetic. Small amounts of dermal filler are injected into the bridge and tip of your nose, as well as other problem regions. If you've had previous fillers in the same locations, an enzyme called Hyaluronidase is used to dissolve the old filler, ensuring that the new injection dissolves at the same rate. Hyaluronidase can also be administered as a preventative measure to undo the effects of your hyaluronic injection. This allows your aesthetician to develop your personalized look and provide you with the best results possible.

Vienna liquid rhinoplasty model smiling

Liquid Rhinoplasty Recovery & Results

Liquid Rhinoplasty—A new procedure for those who want to reshape their nose

Liquid Rhinoplasty has a number of advantages, including minimal to no downtime and the ability to be completed in under an hour. However, over the next one to two weeks, avoid putting any pressure on your nose or the bridge of your nose. If you wear glasses, you should consider switching to contacts or not wearing them on the bridge of your nose. Your treatment is not as permanent as regular Rhinoplasty. Depending on the type of filler utilized, your results can last anywhere from six months to two years. You should review your alternatives with your aesthetic specialist for maintenance touch-up treatments.

Schedule your Vienna & Tysons Corner Liquid Rhinoplasty at Rejuvenation Clinic today.

Achieve your perfect nose without surgery

Have you ever wished you could change your nose to give it a more refined appearance? Many men and women have very long noses, bulbous noses, or crooked noses and spend their entire lives trying to hide their nose with hats, scarves, glasses, or just by keeping it out of sight. Luckily there is a new treatment that can help. At our office in Vienna Liquid rhinoplasty is gaining popularity as a procedure used to sculpt your nose in less than an hour at lunchtime! Imagine being able to walk around after work with your brand new fresh look. This safe and effective office procedure gives patients fantastic results without any downtime. We offer liquid rhinoplasty procedures to Tysons Corner and Vienna patients at our state-of-the-art facilities.

Liquid RhinoplastyFrequently Asked Questions

Liquid Rhinoplasty is a painless procedure. You may have some discomfort at the injection sites, but if necessary, a numbing lotion can be administered.

There are always some risks with any cosmetic treatment, although complications are uncommon. Tenderness, bleeding, and nerve damage are all possible adverse effects.

During your consultation, your cosmetic specialist will examine your nose structure and develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Each patient's price will vary depending on the type of filler and the quantity of units administered.

Liquid Rhinoplasty is considered a cosmetic treatment and is usually not covered by health insurance. It is always important to discuss your coverage alternatives with your insurance carrier. For your convenience, Rejuvenation Clinic offers payment and financing alternatives.

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