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Facial Contouring in Vienna, VA

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Facial Contouring for men and women in Vienna & Tysons Corner | Rejuvenation Clinic

You can have beautiful, naturally contoured features without a scalpel or an incision — we just can’t keep this a secret any longer! Our medical aesthetic team in Vienna, VA, offers dermal filler solutions to contour, add volume, and change the shape of various features on your face. For patients in Vienna Facial contouring can provide non-surgical solutions to meet your needs. If you’re ready to reclaim your beauty and get the contoured features you desire, schedule your private consultation at Rejuvenation Clinic and learn why facial contouring is news you just have to share with your friends.

What is Facial Contouring?

A word about dermal fillers

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, nearly 60 percent of men and women say they would consider a non-surgical solution for aging or skin problems if one were available. Here at Rejuvenation Clinic, we offer Facial Contouring solutions for various features on your face, such as cheekbones, jawline, lips, and more. Dermal fillers are safe alternatives to injectable procedures and non-invasive methods to restore your youthful look in Vienna, Tysons Corner and surrounding areas of Virginia.

Why you should consider facial contouring.

Get beautifully contoured features without surgery.

You have realistic expectations, are in good health, and want to achieve a subtle change. Facial contouring can offer non-surgical solutions to meet your needs. Schedule a consultation at Rejuvenation Clinic today and learn more about how facial contouring can help rejuvenate your face. During your consultation, Nurse Yalda will guide you through what options dermal filler and Facial Contouring Vienna patients have.

Another benefit of facial contouring is that it does not require general anesthesia or sedation. You will remain awake and relaxed during your treatment. If you have realistic expectations, are in good health, and choose a dermatologist with experience and expertise in administering dermal fillers, you can expect a safe and effective procedure with optimal results. Schedule your consultation today to discover if facial contouring is right for you.

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Your Facial Contouring Options

Non-surgical solutions for aging or skin problems

Nurse Yalda will walk you through all of your non-surgical and minimally invasive facial contouring options during your consultation. Your choices include:

Jawline Contouring

Radiesse, a calcium-based microsphere-based filler, can help you sculpt your jawline for a more defined or stronger appearance. Radiesse is an ideal filler for enhancing the jawline and cheekbones because it stimulates collagen production and has the greatest lift-ability.

Midface Rejuvenation

Your cheeks play a key role when it comes to your face’s overall beauty. On the other hand, the midfacial area typically requires more support and volume as you age. The appearance of lower eyelids and nasolabial folds can be greatly improved with a midface rejuvenation procedure. You'll get an injection cheek lift, a limited injection facelift, and the Renuva Injectable Therapy, which causes your body to produce new fat and volume, as well as an improvement in your skin.

Liquid Facelift

The liquid facelift is a non-surgical procedure that uses a variety of injectables to restore volume to your face, reduce wrinkles, and refresh your appearance. Your aesthetic provider will evaluate your facial concerns and recommend the best dermal fillers to achieve your desired results during your consultation.

Liquid Rhinoplasty

With Liquid Rhinoplasty, a non-invasive, non-surgical nose job, you can achieve a more aesthetically pleasing nose. Liquid Rhinoplasty in Vienna is available at Rejuvenation Clinic. An injection of the chosen dermal filler is delivered beneath your skin to change the shape and size of your nose. Your aesthetic specialist will determine the number of filler units required to achieve your desired results.

Lip Injections

Fillers are injected into the upper and lower lip to add volume, correct asymmetry, and enhance the borders of your lips while smoothing out lip lines and wrinkles. Lip fillers containing hyaluronic acid are typically used to achieve subtle, natural-looking lips. Your lip filler expert will be able to determine the best course of action for you if you want a more dramatic change.

Your Facial Contouring Procedure

Full cheeks, strong jawline, youthful lips. Let us fill in the blanks.

Fillers are selected to achieve the desired result after discussing your Facial Contouring concerns with your aesthetic expert. In addition to the topical anesthetic you receive before your procedure, most fillers contain lidocaine, which alleviates any discomfort you may experience. It is then massaged to ensure that the filler is evenly distributed and injected into the areas that need it before the procedure continues.

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But wait, there is more!

Facial Rejuvenation goes a step above and beyond the competition by offering the Clarius L20 high-frequency ultrasound scanner. To ensure the safety of your injection therapy, ultrasound technology is essential. At Rejuvenation Clinic, Nurse Yalda performs vascular mapping, filler evaluation, and treatment of complex facia cases. The scanner can take high-resolution pictures of your body’s vascular system on the go. As a result, she is able to assess vascular structures before starting treatments, which helps prevent complications. High-definition imaging of skin, muscles, vessels, and fascia helps Rejuvenation Clinic achieve positive patient outcomes and improve patient safety.

Facial Contouring
Recovery & Results

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Solutions

About 15 to 20 minutes is all it takes to complete your facial contouring procedure. Some minor bruising and swelling may occur, but there is little to no downtime. Adding volume is immediately noticeable, but the final results are more visible after any swelling has subsided, which takes about two weeks to occur.

Schedule your Vienna & Tysons Corner facial contouring consultation with Rejuvenation Clinic today.

Reclaim your beauty with Rejuvenation Clinic

Dermal filler treatments at Rejuvenation Clinic can help you achieve the facial contouring you desire, thanks to the expertise of Nurse Yalda and her team of aesthetic specialists. To make things easier for you, we serve Vienna, Tysons Corner and the surrounding area. Consultations can be scheduled immediately.

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Facial ContouringFrequently Asked Questions

As a result of the Dermal Filler procedure, there is minimal discomfort and the results are long-lasting. You can request that your aesthetician apply a numbing cream to the treatment area prior to injection if you prefer. For a quick and painless procedure, trust Nurse Yalda's decades of experience and extensive training in proper injection techniques.

Having Dermal Fillers while pregnant or breastfeeding is out of the question. Instead, various skin rejuvenation treatments are available at Rejuvenation Clinic, including Microneedling, the AQUAGOLD Microchanneling Facial (with hyaluronic acid + vitamins only) more.

If you need multiple vials of a particular filler to achieve your desired facial contouring look, the price will rise or fall accordingly. To get the most accurate pricing, schedule a private skin analysis and treatment plan consultation.

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Rejuvenation Clinic serves patients who want to look and feel their best. Our team is committed to providing a personalized beauty treatment plan for your specific and individualized goals. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our personalized aesthetic services. Our state-of-the-art medspa in Vienna, VA, serves patients in Tysons Corner, and the surrounding area.

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